Chat is a way to share photos and messages with Families.

When sending a chat message, if you want to attach a photo:

  1. Click the Camera icon in the bottom right of the chat box.
  2. There are two different ways to share an image or photo:
    • Select a file from your device. A file selection window will pop up allowing you to select a file from your device. Select the image or photo you want to upload.
    • Take a picture using your device’s camera.
  3. The image or photo you uploaded will appear under the text of the message.

Here are the limits of what you can send:

  • The image or photo you attach should be under 25 MB in size
  • Most image or photo file types can be used(.jpg, .gif, .png, etc.)

Sending messages

Families will need an email address associated with their account to receive messages.

You can send a message to:

  • All Families with active Sprouts
  • A specific Family of a Sprout
  • All Families in a Classroom

Adding photos to a message

You can attach a photo to the message.

Short delay before message is sent

There is a short delay before messages are sent to Families. This allows you a short amount of time to delete the message in case you need to retract the message (typo, sent to wrong Families, etc).

Other Family members getting messages

It is possible for one other email address to get Chat messages. The Email CC field in the Family profile is used for this. Do note that additional contacts in a Family profile also can have their email set, but it is not used in Chat and messages will not be sent to these email addresses.