The Checkin screen allows Families or Employees to checkin to Sproutary.

Tablet Settings


In scenarios where you have a tablet in each Classroom instead of one in the entry way, you may want to only display that Classroom and the Employees section. To do this, click on the drop down and select only the Classrooms you want to display. Then hit Save in the upper right.

Collapse Rooms

This option collapses the Classroom once a Sprout is checked in.

Hours this Week

Letting Families know how long their Sprouts have been checked in this week can be helpful when you have limits on how long they can attend each week. This option will pop up a notification when the Sprout checks in to show them how many hours they’ve been checked in so far.

For example - Jackie checks out her Sprout Steven on Thursday. She sees the notification that Steven has been there for 35 hours this week already. Jackie knows that Steven has a maximum of 40 hours per week. She can then make arrangements with work or the Center.

Roll Call Mode

Roll Call Mode is great for when Sprouts are getting off the bus or coming in to an after school program. This allows you to store your pin and quickly check in or out Sprouts as they walk by. There is also a “Very Fast” option which is a one click checkin - be careful as any accidental clicks will check them in!

This feature works best when the collapse classroom option is disabled.

Kiosk Mode

Kiosk Mode is a mode that will lock Sproutary to only the checkin screen. Use this if you have the tablet in a front room that Families can access.

Enter Kiosk Mode

Click Settings. Click “Enter Kiosk Mode” on the upper right.

Exit Kiosk Mode

To exit Kiosk Mode - click on the Sproutary logo on the top 5 times. A window will pop up prompting you to exit. Note: this will log you out of Sproutary and you will need to log back in.

Set Screen Timeout

iPad -

Android/Fire Tablets -