Daily Reports

Daily Reports is an early access feature. We’re currently gathering feedback on it and will be actively improving it over the next few weeks. If you have questions, please reach out to us anytime.


Sproutary allows you to keep Families up to date with daily report cards. No need to fill out all those pesky and expensive paper sheets. You and your Families will have a log of each Sprout’s activity to look back on anytime.

Photos can be attached to show and record a Sprout’s activities.

Families can also check in on their Sprout in real time and like activities. They will get an email summary at the end of the day after their Sprout is checked out.


There are two locations in Sproutary to log an activity:

  • Chat - Click the menu on the bottom left then the (+) icon.
  • Checkin - To enable this, click Settings - then click Show Daily Report - this will add a green (+) button to the bottom of the checkin screen. You will be able to use this even in Kiosk Mode. This is handy so you can checkin Sprouts and record activities. Note: you should not enable this if the iPad is not always in the possession of a teacher.

Activity Types

Currently Sproutary allows you to log the following activities:

  • Mood - How is the Sprout doing - let the Family know they’re ok on the first day.
  • Drank - Keep track of how much Sprouts who take a bottle or formula drink through the day.
  • Ate - What and how much the Sprout ate.
  • Slept - Record when they doze off and wake up.
  • Need - Let the Family know they need to bring in more diapers, wipes, formula, clothes, or anything else.
  • Went - Record Wet or Dirty diapers.

Photos and Messages (Optional)

After you select the activity, you can then (optionally) attach a message or photo to the activity.

Photos can be attached from your phone, tablet, or computer.

Sending to Sprouts

You can select one or multiple Sprouts at once to send to.

To make it even easier, be sure to add photos to each Sprout so you can see their faces in the list!

Sending to Classrooms

Selecting a Classroom will send to all checked in Sprouts in that Classroom. This is different than the Chat feature which sends to all active Sprouts in a Classroom.

For example: If Steven comes in a bit late but still has breakfast and you’ve already recorded breakfast for the room - you’ll need to add Steven’s breakfast separately as he was not checked in when you recorded the room’s breakfast.

Deleting an Activity

If you accidentally attach the wrong photo or have a typo, you can go to the Chat window and click the Delete button. Delete buttons are only shown to Employees and Admins.

Family Email

Families will get an email summary sent to them a few seconds after they checkout their Sprout. The email summary is sent to the primary email on the account as well as the Email CC in case other Family members would like to be copied on the email as well.

Families can get real time updates by logging into Sproutary.com and clicking Chat.