The Families page is where you add and update information about each family at your center. You can keep track of their acceptance status, start date, and much more.

Adding a Family

To add a family click the + icon at the top of the Families page.

Contact Information

  • The primary contact of this Family
  • Their email address (optionally) - used for logging in.
  • Their address, and phone numbers
  • Email CC allows you to add a 2nd email address that communications will be sent to.

Additional Contacts

Here you can enter other family members information for your records and their relation to the sprout.

There is also a Do Not Pickup which will highlight this member in red through the app.

Invoicing Settings

Here you can change the interval and invoicing type of the family.

For instance - if you bill weekly but work out an arrangement for this family to be monthly - you can set that here.


Add in the basic details of each sprout here. Their name, billing rate, billing type, classroom, and birthday.


The family start date so you can be notified a week before they start.

A description that is not shown to the family - keep notes about the family here.

Accepting a Family

Once the family is saved you they are on the family list as Pending - this allows you to enter families in before they start.

Before their first day of attendance click “Accept Family” at the top. This will activate their sprouts and send the family a welcome email with instructions on how to login.

Family Login

Families with email addresses will receive a welcome email once you have accepted them. The email contains link to setup the password is valid for 24 hours. If the family missed that window you can click “Resend Welcome.”

A family can also reset their password at anytime by going to the login page and clicking “Forgot Password”.


Families with any invoices, attendances, or other records can not removed. This is to help you keep all of your records accurate and allow families to always be able to go back and review their records.

If you have a family that was entered in error and you wish to clean up - please email help@sproutary.com and we can take care of it for you.

We will soon have an option to archive families to remove them from lists when they are no longer at your center.