NSF Checks

Handling NSF Checks

When accepting checks as payments there will always be a chance of getting a bounced check, or Non Sufficient Funds (NSF).

Sproutary allows you to to mark and handle NSF checks.

How to mark a check as NSF

  1. First find the original check item that the bank returned.
  2. Click on it to see the details.
  3. Click NSF
  4. The screen will prompt you to enter the date of the NSF as well as a fee if you charge one to your families.
  5. Click Save.

Balance & Reporting with NSF

Once a check is marked NSF it will appear on their account and reports as Check NSF. The bounced check not be applied to their account balance.

Example Scenario

  • Family is charged $100 for the week on Monday. - balance -$100
  • Family pays you a check #123 on Tuesday. - balance $0
  • The bank notifies you Thursday the check has been sent back as NSF.
  • You record the NSF in Sproutary and you charge a $10 fee. - balance -$110
  • Family Pays you $110 in cash. - balance $0