Settings is where you can customize Sproutary to how your center runs.

Center information

This information is what families will see about your center when they login. Name, Contact, and EIN.

Auto Pay Setup

Our payment processor Stripe requires us to verify some details about your business before we can accept electronic payments. Click “Connect to Stripe” to begin the processes.

Invoicing Settings

Invoicing Types

There are 3 types of invoicing. The one you select here will be the default for families. The most common setting is “Invoicing”

  • Invoicing - Any active sprouts for the billing period will be billed their tuition.

For example - If Jon has a rate of $100 - and invoicing runs weekly - each week he will be billed $100.

  • Attendance - Invoice sprouts on their current attendance.

For example - Sue has a rate of $5 and set to attendance. She will be billed $5/hour while she is checked in.

This option is less common and usually used on a per-sprout basis.

  • Drop In - Sprouts are invoiced based on how many times they drop in each week - rates can differ in AM or PM.

This option is great for before and after school programs!

Billing Schedule

Set the day of the week and the time you’d like billing to run.

  • Invoices Due - Number of days Families have to pay an Invoice once sent.

  • Item Date of Service Offset - Number of days to offset the Service dates from the invoice dates. Positive or Negative number of days.

For example. If you’d like to run invoicing on Friday but have the date on the items be for the following Monday - enter 3 here.

Past Due Fee

You can choose to automatically assess a late fee if an account is not balanced before the next auto billing cycle.

To enable you only need to set the amount of the Late Fee in settings.

To disable - set the amount to 0.

You can adjust the number of days before the late fee is assess by setting the Invoices Due to the number of days before the fee is assessed. Note it must be less than the number of days between billing cycles.

Online Payments

You can choose to accept either Credit Cards or ACH/eCheck or both.

PIN Check in

Wether or not to require PINs for checkin. You may also set a “Center” PIN that can be used in case a family forgets their PIN.

Family Settings

Here you can choose in which scenarios emails are sent to families.

Auto Checkout

Set a specific time or times you’d like all checked in sprouts to be checked out.

A common scenario in a before school program to checkout all sprouts at 8am when school starts and again at 6pm when the center closes.


Sproutary can create a schedule for all Sprouts based on their last week of attendance. It will only create a schedule for sprouts who do not have one yet.