Sprouts are children in your center.

Sprout list

Here you can search for sprouts and see their details at a glance.

Add a Sprout

To add a sprout - first goto the Family and add them there. Then you can click the name of the sprout to go to the details.

Sprout Information

Sproutary helps you capture all the information you need about a Sprout.


There are 2 rates for Sprouts:

  • Billing Rate - The amount the family is responsible for each billing period.
  • Subsidy Rate - The amount provided by a state or grant, tracked separately from the amount the family owes.


The planned schedule for the sprout. This is used for forecasting and late pickup notifications.


A list of all of the immunization the sprout has on file.


A list of allergies this sprout has.


Any prescription or over the counter medications for the sprout.