Auto Pay

When your center uses Sproutary they have the option to setup Auto Pay. This allows families to securely pay via ACH(eCheck) or Credit Card.

Setup Auto Pay

Login to Sproutary with the email you provided your center.

If your center accepts payments you will see a button to setup Auto Pay. Please note you may only see one or the other depending on what your center has chosen.

AutoPay Buttons

To setup ACH(eCheck) fill add your account and routing number. We will deposit two small amounts into your account to verify. Once they are verified your next invoice will be deducted from your checking account automatically. AutoPay Buttons

To setup Credit or Debit Cards enter in your card number. Your next invoice will be charged to your card.

AutoPay Buttons

Note your Name and Address in your profile is used. Make sure it matches your banking information.

To disable Auto Pay, simply log in and click “Disable AutoPay” - work with your center to make your payments manually.