Frequently Asked Questions

Family FAQ

Some commonly asked quesstions by families.

What can I do in Sproutary?

As a family you are able to:

  • Receive messages from your center with photos and attachments.
  • View your information on file - address, names, contacts.
  • View your account balance.
  • Setup Auto Pay (if your center is enrolled in Auto Pay).
  • Print off tax information for FSA accounts.

How do I log in?

Use the search left nav to browse to a help topic. Have a question? Email us at

I am setup but cant login!

Verify your email address is correct with your center.

Click “Forgot Password” to reset your password

If you are still unable to login please contact

How do I sign up if my provider uses Sproutary

Families do not need to sign up. Please provide your email address to your provider and they will add it to your account.